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Welcome to Gearhead Motorworks

Gearhead Motorworks, established 2010, Full time since 2015, is based on honesty, integrity and quality repairs.


My name is Josh, and I've been in the automotive repair industry for 17 years.  In my experience working under other auto repair companies, I've seen unscrupulous service advisors take advantage of customers by selling unnecessary repairs to inexperienced vehicle owners.  As a repair technician, I've been required to perform those unnecessary repairs regardless of how frivolous they were, or risk losing my job.  I started Gearhead Motorworks to bring honesty and integrity back into the automotive industry, and I pride myself on being direct with my customers about exactly what should be replaced, and when.  I also enjoy taking the time with my customers to explain and display exactly how the part functions, how it failed, and what could be done to prevent future failures.  I may make less money per job since I am not up-selling unnecessary repairs, or overcharging for poor quality parts, but at the end of the day, I have more satisfied customers that are much more likely to refer me to others that may have had a poor experience elsewhere.  I feel it's better to have a customer for life, than a customer for a day.  Give me a call, text, or email!  I'd love to chat with you, share my knowledge, and help you get back on the road or into a newer vehicle.  Hope to hear from you soon! 


Josh Ricci - Owner / Operator.

I'm proficient in Honda tuning, engine assembly, and am willing and able to fabricate custom exhaust, turbo kits, lifts, custom engine work, and other things involving motorcycles, atvs, go karts, etc.

I've invested heavily in my diagnostic equipment arsenal, and am properly equipped to correctly diagnose your vehicle's problem the first time, to limit vehicle downtime and ensure a speedy repair.

I am able to come equipped to perform most diagnostics and repairs on site, leaving you with more time to do what's important.

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