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With Gearhead Motorworks, there is a minimum charge of $75 for diagnostics.  At my discretion, I can waive the fee if the issue was obvious, or the repair required after diagnostics is expensive.  Diagnostics are important to determine exactly what the cause of the problem is.  For example, an illuminated "Check Engine Light", or "MIL" tends to indicate an electrical or performance fault regarding powertrain, drivetrain, or emissions.  Scanners, or Bi-Directional Diagnostic Machines, have the capability of displaying a code indicating the system the fault is located in, and the type of fault, but not the cause.  Usually harness inspection, and voltage and signal verification is required to confirm a fault.  After diagnostics have been performed, the fault may have been traced to an internal failure in a major component (engine, transmission), and it is possible that system tear-down will be required to complete the diagnostics.  The additional time will incur labor charges at the current hourly rate for the rated book hours for disassembly.


NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) Diagnostics may require an assistant to operate the vehicle under the same circumstances the problem is exhibited.


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